Bathroom trends in 2021

Bathroom trends in 2021

Do you want to renovate your bathroom leading into the new year? As the self-care and wellness movement grows, bathrooms are acquiring top trends in bathroom design. Bathrooms are not only necessary for particular purposes like showering but can also be used in a more personalized way like a spa-like retreat. Industry experts have discovered the top trends in bathroom design for 2021. They have discovered which bathroom trends, whether big or small will be popular in the new year. If you would like to renovate your bathroom to give it a more personal touch, below are some ideas that will inspire you to do just that.

1. Accent walls

If you would like to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom, adding accent walls during your bathroom renovations will do just that. It will work up interest in your bathroom. An accent wall is an interior wall whose design differs from that of the other walls in your bathroom. The colour of the wall and the design in terms of material can be a different shade from the other walls in the bathroom giving it a unique look. You can choose to do a bathroom tiling for your accent walls. Wall tile for your accent wall is a more versatile and durable option for an accent wall because tiles can be manufactured and made to look like anything from natural wood to stone. Also, bathroom tiling for accent walls is more suitable since all glazed tiles are waterproof and they protect your walls from moisture keeping them well dried. Experts have also found that accent walls can be used to liven up a neutral palette or help draw focus to a certain feature in your bathroom.

2. Freestanding vanities

If you want to give a custom look to your bathroom, freestanding vanities are the best choice for you. Freestanding vanities have a furniture-like appeal that presents a great opportunity to add a custom look to your bathroom. They offer the same storage and plumbing benefits as traditional vanities. You can update your vanities and change the look of your bathroom without doing a full bathroom renovation. Freestanding vanities also open your bathroom space by extending the room’s line of vision, with flooring that continues underneath the cabinetry.

3. Black accents

If you want to provide a pop of contrast in your white traditional bathroom, foster a mood, or give a glamorous vibe to your bathroom, you can do bathroom renovations and use black accents sparingly. Black and white are perfect together for your bathroom. They will help you feel relaxed in your bathroom as well as give you a clean bathroom. You can pair matte black hardware and cabinets to create pleasing punctuation within your bathroom. Moreover, experts have discovered that bold black accent walls, deep-hued vanities, and even black plumbing features for bathrooms are on the rise.

4. Natural tones and textures

If you want to create a calming effect of water and air in your bathroom by doing bathroom renovations, then natural tones and textures are the best choices for you. Natural tones and textures create a spa-like retreat in your bathroom and help you to relax. Neutral tones are a rising trend in the bathroom renovations sector because they nicely accent tones of existing features. You can renovate by using textured bathroom tiling which is designed to look and feel like wood grain, have a smooth yet slightly grooved texture and rustic and warm appearance.

5. Double vanities

If you want to create more space in your bathroom, you can do bathroom renovations by adding double vanities to your bathroom. Double vanities will give you more space in your bathrooms which will in turn provide you with opportunities for unique design elements. Bathroom renovations by adding double vanities include incorporating two sinks into one vanity. Although, experts recommend splitting the vanities into two freestanding structures. This will help you achieve a custom look for your bathroom. However, double sinks reduce the amount of usable counter space. Manufacturers have come up with a solution for this by using creative storage solutions.

6. Large showers

More people are bathroom renovating and adopting the walk-in shower and luxurious tub. Separating the bathtub and the shower is what most people are opting for. Moreover, including a large soaker tub in the master bedrooms is becoming a popular bathroom renovation trend. Also, you can choose to expand your shower and hence introducing customization and spa-like extras in the showers.

7. Round mirrors

Bathroom tiling, flooring, and woodwork make the bathroom to be dominated by hard lines. If you want to break up sharp angles in your bathroom, then opting for round mirrors instead of rectangular ones is a great option. The circular shape of the round mirrors brings softness and visual contrast to your bathroom space. Moreover, round mirrors will provide you with a modern look as well as a relaxed vibe. Round mirrors work for pedestal sinks as well as single and double vanities.

8. Spa-inspired luxuries

If you want a bathroom renovation that creates a feeling of extreme comfort or a soothing retreat, then adding spa-like luxuries to your bathroom will do just that. More people are opting for voice-activated shower systems to showerheads that provide a spa-like experience. Moreover, advancements in technology have made it possible for people to integrate spa-like luxuries like smart outlet controllers that use voice commands, an app that starts the water and adjusts it to your desired temperature, and a showerhead that features massaging rollers or produces an overhead rainfall effect. You can be able to renovate your bathroom to accommodate spa-like luxuries no matter what your budget is.

In the year 2021, more bathroom renovation trends have risen. These trends are very familiar but yet unique. These trends will keep on growing over the years and even become better. If you want to get an edge on your renovation plans, then it is a great idea to consider using the trends in the coming year.

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