What is Zellige tiles

What is Zellige tiles

The mention of Moroccan tiles immediately conjures up some kind of vividly patterned fantasy. This is only partly true. Today, a quieter version of Moroccan tiles with the mysterious oriental name of Zellige is being actively developed in interiors. Despite the vintage flavour, the new tile trend looks very relevant in any stylistic modern spaces.

  1. History of Zellige tiles
  2. How is Zellige tile made?
  3. Advantages of Zellige tiles
  4. Where to use Zellige tiles?
  5. Installation of Zellige tiles

History of Zellige tiles

In Arabic” Zellige “means” tile “in a general sense. The name comes from Persian, which means “blue stone”. Zellige read more

tiling frankston

Tiling Frankston

We are a qualified team of private craftsmen tilers, tilers, mosaicists and marblers. We do what we love to do – tile installation in Frankston. Our 15 years experience allows us to complete the most complex tile project.

Beautiful and proper tile installation is the work of professional tilers from Frankston. We will perform tiling floors, walls in bathrooms, toilets, corridors, kitchen. We guarantee affordable prices, fast execution, responsible attitude to the property of customers.

Tilers will perform the installation in Frankston, at a convenient time for you.

We read more

Kitchen trends 2022

Kitchen trends of 2022

It’s no surprise that one of the most important rooms in the house is the kitchen. It is where a lot of events in life take place, from morning meals to fun family gatherings, meetings with friends and solving important family issues in the evening. The kitchen is the center of all family life. Functional design, comfort, modern appearance – is the main priorities of the design of fashionable kitchen interior 2022…

Even in the smallest kitchen you can arrange a cozy space in all read more

Type of tiles by surface

Type of tiles by surface

Various methods of production and surface treatment, in the manufacture of ceramic tiles, give a wide variety of surfaces.

The surface of the tile can be:

  1. Glazed tiles
  2. Matte tiles
  3. Polished tiles
  4. Lapped tiles
  5. Structured tiles

Finishing the front side of the tile not only gives it decorative properties, but also provides certain performance characteristics.

Glazed tiles

Glazed tiles In the manufacture of glazed tiles, a mineral composition is applied to the formed workpiece, after which the product is fired. After the coating melts and cools down, a glass layer forms on the surface, which read more

Tiling Trends 2021

Tiling Trends 2021

Tiles are a trendy way to bring life throughout your house, with such a plethora of various shapes, colours, designs, and textures to select from. However, the issue on everyone’s mind is, what are the leading tile trends for 2021, and how would we organize them? Tiles have become a fixture in homes for decades, and given the growth of different forms and finishes, it’s the classic forms that continue to turn attention – from the distinctly British Edwardian floor tiles to handmade read more

Bathroom subway tiling Melbourne

How to choose tiles for bathroom

A home is a place where you spend most of your time, and the bathroom is an important part of a house that cannot be neglected. You have to use the bathroom every morning to brush your teeth, showering, and getting ready. So it should be a comfortable and lovable place with an astounding look.

Whether you are going to renovate your home or just your bathroom, tile is an excellent option. Bathroom tiles are specially designed to deal with moisture and temperature fluctuation. The market is full read more

Caulfield stackstone


Todays tiling trends see creative of – Textures, with prints, metallics, geometric, pebbles, linen and wood styles.

Darks with textural contrast,
Neutral backgrounds with bright coloured tiles,
Blues and greens are back,
Contrasting panels
and even some mosaics…

Exterior use of “Stackstone” highlights architectural features and is available in a variety of stone finishers for both commercials and domestic applications.