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How to choose tiles for bathroom

A home is a place where you spend most of your time, and the bathroom is an important part of a house that cannot be neglected. You have to use the bathroom every morning to brush your teeth, showering, and getting ready. So it should be a comfortable and lovable place with an astounding look.

Whether you are going to renovate your home or just your bathroom, tile is an excellent option. Bathroom tiles are specially designed to deal with moisture and temperature fluctuation. The market is full of a variety of tiles that turn your bathroom from an ordinary place to something amazing. Bathroom tiles are available in a variety of shapes, colors, patterns, designs, etc. it is good as you have multiple options, but at the same time, it is a tricky task. Bathroom tiling is a robust and complicated task, but with a professional bathroom tiler, it becomes easy.

While choosing bathroom tiles, you need to be very careful and have the necessary information about tiling and your bathroom. It will make choosing bathroom tiles easy for you. If you are thinking about renovating your bathroom with tiles, you are in the right place. So here is a complete guide for choosing perfect tiles for your bathroom:

Choose a style

Before choosing a bathroom tile, you must select a style. With bathroom tiles of different colors, designs, and shapes, you can create a fantastic look for your bathroom. Some of the very common bathroom styles are geometric bathrooms, decorative bathrooms, and hotel-style bathrooms.

Hotel-style bathrooms have minimal design and neutral colors. You can go with black and white color contrast or pastel shades to give your bathroom a hotel-style look. Printed tiles with geometric patterns are right to consider for a geometric bathroom look. This look makes your bathroom look attractive and unique. And for a cheerful, bold look, decorative bathroom style is good to go. You will enjoy a modern look.
The design you choose for your bathroom determines the kind of tile you need to buy. The style you choose for your bathroom should complement the overall look of your home.

Right tile size for your bathroom

While choosing the desired tile for your bathroom, you may wonder what should be the right tile size. You can choose the size you want from a small format tile to the large format tile. If you haven’t decided before, you may get confused after seeing so many choices. For floor tiles, the ideal size is 300×300 mm. Tiles of this size can be easily laid on the floor.
Another popular size of bathroom tiles is 300×600 mm, which is a large format tile size. It looks more elegant on bathroom floors and requires minimum cutting.

I would suggest you go with hexagonal tiles. These tiles have a size of 450×450 mm. It will give your bathroom a unique and uniform look.

For bathroom walls, large format tiles are better as compared to small format tiles. These tiles will give your bathroom a seamless look.

Narrow your options

After you have decided on the size and style, now is the time to be selective and narrow your options. If you want to try a combination of different tiles, be careful. It is good to mix and match different tiles but choose not more than three different tiles.
While choosing the bathroom tiles, first choose floor tiles and then wall tiles but make sure that they make a perfect combination. And if you want a feature wall for your bathroom, select tiles at the end. A feature wall will be the focus point of your bathroom, so make sure to give it an elegant look.

Tiles for Shower space

Having a separate shower space is good, and you can choose different tiles for this area. Showers and be slippery do it would be good to consider anti-skid bathroom tiles. You can find the same tiles for the floor and walls of shower space. Whatever you choose should complement the remaining bathroom.

Maintenance should be the priority.

While choosing tiles for the bathroom, people mostly ignore maintenance requirements, which are most important to consider. Ignoring these requirements is a huge mistake, as some tiles are very cheap, but heavy maintenance is required. Always prefer tiles that need least or no maintenance. These tiles can be expensive sometimes, but quality should always be the priority. These tiles are long term companion of your bathroom.

Installing bathroom tiling

Now you know about how you can choose tiles for your bathroom next step is installing them. You cannot install them on your own, so you need a professional bathroom tiler. The bathroom tiling in Melbourne can be done quickly as the market is full of well-reputed companies offering their services. So find the right services provider, and you are on the way to have a stylish and elegant bathroom.


Before you go to buy bathroom tiling in Melbourne, you need to follow some essential steps. First, you need to choose a bathroom style, color you want, and the design of the bathroom tile. In the next step, you need to choose the size of the tile. Varieties of sizes are available that you can choose from. You can go with single tile design for the whole bathroom for a seamless look. But you can also use a combination of tiles to give your bathroom a trendy look. Consider separate tiles for shower space that complement your bathroom. These are basics but now is the most crucial step, purchasing the tiles. Only consider tiles that require low maintenance even if they are expensive, and you are on your way to having a trendy bathroom for as long as you want.

The bathroom is an important part of the home, sometimes you are stressed, and the bathroom is like a shelter for you. If you love showering, the bathroom is your happy place. So it should not be ignored. It should be renovated with full focus and should complement the remaining home.

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