Tiling Trends 2021

Tiling Trends 2021

Tiles are a trendy way to bring life throughout your house, with such a plethora of various shapes, colours, designs, and textures to select from. However, the issue on everyone’s mind is, what are the leading tile trends for 2021, and how would we organize them? Tiles have become a fixture in homes for decades, and given the growth of different forms and finishes, it’s the classic forms that continue to turn attention – from the distinctly British Edwardian floor tiles to handmade coated and ornamental tiles.

Textured tiles are becoming increasingly fashionable. Graphic tiles may be seen in a variety of settings, from subway tiles to imprinted earthenware. This design allows residents to utilize their artistic imaginations or employ a professional to creatively position tiles on either the floors and walls of the bathroom. Today, we find mostly encaustic floor tiles that are a preferred alternative for customers who have designed tiles, although porcelain types are becoming more popular. This year, foresee a lot of vibrant designs and colours on the tiles.
We have collaborated with the leading names in the tiling industry to bring out the latest tiling trends for you. These include bathroom tiling and overall home tiling as well.

Following are some of the top tiling trends in 2021:

1. Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta Tiles Terracotta patterns are experiencing a resurgence whenever it comes to selecting tiles. It’s no surprise that terracotta is a timeless style, with toasted clay hues that brighten up any space and rustic structure that strikes the perfect mix between rough and sophisticated.
However, with warm, caring hues and materials predicted to prevail in 2021, terracotta tiles are predicted to skyrocket. Spread them from both the kitchenette to the entrance, bathroom and master bedroom to lend a touch of coziness to any environment. Aside from its own Siena-style color, the charm of the Marlborough Terracotta would be that it develops a tarnish with age. In other terms, the longer you keep it and the old it becomes, the nicer and much more unique it will appear.

2. Matte Tiles

Matte tiles demand continues to rise in the current year. Unlike polished porcelain, matte tiles offer a gentle yet forceful aesthetic that is not overpowering. The benefit of flatness is that moisture spots don’t stick to it as they do on shiny surfaces, where even the slightest spots are evident. That gives them an advantage for bathroom floors, particularly in big bathrooms. They are simpler to keep clean because of the fog. When placing matte-finish tiling, make sure there is adequate light, including external and internal, because they cannot catch the light. Glossy finishes provide a dramatic touch to the bath. They have a beautiful, beautifully designed look.
This is why glaze continuing to be trendy. Shiny tiles are ideal for tiny bathrooms because they bounce a beam of sunlight and provide an impression of a room that is greater than it appears. On the other hand, Shiny tiles are frequently utilized on walls and floors in a restroom with low use since they require greater upkeep and are risky to fall on.

3. Moroccan Magic Tiles

Moroccan Magic TilesMoroccan flair, renowned for its brilliant colors, detailed motifs, unique combination of texture, has emerged as being one of the year’s most significant trends, as seen by the global popularity of North African handcraft goods such as Berber carpets, raffia hampers, metal lamps, and colorful Moroccan tiling. The pattern will continue through 2021, and it is also a timeless style that will never go out of style. By utilizing ceramic hydraulic panels, you can add some additional color and bring a different look that is rich with designs and vitality. Ceramics hydraulic tiles seem to be long-lasting and incredibly easy to set up and maintain tidy. They may also be used on both those walls and ceilings.

4. Vintage Marble Tiles

Vintage Marble TilesMost of these extra-large ceramic tile blocks are made to resemble marbles as well as other expensive minerals. The print technique has advanced to the point where book-matching lines along a stack of cupboards or a pair of wall tiles is possible, and authenticity is deeper than it has ever been. However, unlike actual marbles as well as granite, ceramic copies are non-porous as well as low-maintenance. Another group of mimics follows in the footsteps of the vintage heavy concrete craze. Such low-maintenance options have colorful designs that offer a unique touch to any environment. Concrete tiles seem anticipated to play a significant role in the 2021 health trend of personalization.

5. Wooden Tiles

Wooden TilesThe trend of using wooden boards throughout the bathroom is getting started. For a long time, unusual tile sizes have been popular. Wooden tile may be used to make beautiful patterns like chevron.
While lifelike tiles with both the feel of oak, walnut, and sapwood are by far the most frequent, there have been many different finishes offered in the new season. Ceramic tile is good for bathrooms because it is more resistant to filth and humidity while maintaining architectural elegance. Tiling with wooden patterns simply adds to the sense of freshness that is so important in the bathroom. You may get a more believable impression by combining natural stone tiling with other elements.

6. Metal Tiles

Metal TilesMetal will be the next dazzling star of trendy bathroom innovations. And several people have already been smitten with metallic tiles. Metal is gleaming and bright, lending a spectacular yet excessive appearance to your bathroom. This sleek look isn’t quite there yet; however, we anticipate seeing more of it in the coming year.

A Final Word

Bathroom tilers are of the view that people are interested in exploring new and innovative tiling for their bathroom. Tiles add a sense of style and glamour to your bathroom and overall house and provide an air of elegance and functionality. There are a lot of different tiles readily available, but some of them are quite in rage. We hope you can get inspired from the list we have compiled for you above and choose the perfect fit for your bathroom.

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