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    Bathroom tiling play a significant role in how the area looks and feels. They are an integral part of interior design, creating your desired ambiance. Whether it be something warm and welcoming or fresh, the texture and the color of tiles can provide the desired outcome.

    Confused about what bathroom tiling should you go for? Don’t know much about bathroom tiling? With us, you will receive guaranteed expert opinion on what will go the best with the overall structure of your bathroom while also keeping in mind the budget. With the experience to achieve outstanding results for years gone by, we’ve perfected tiling art. Our goal is to provide our customers with attractive bathroom tiling that fits their vibe while also ensuring that we leave after complete satisfaction from the client.

    The right bathroom tiling makes all the difference in how your room looks. But choosing the suitable tiles that will complement both your style and the bathroom structure can be a complicated task. Here are the types of tiles that we offer, along with expert opinion on what would be the most feasible option for you:

    Porcelain Tiles

    If you’re more of a durability person looking for a long-term investment, Porcelain tiles are the way to go for your bathroom. It’s incredibly sturdy, water-resistant, and relatively hard to scratch. Its wide range of colors allows creating beautiful stone and wood-like effects.
    It can be expensive compared to other types of tiles, but it’s a worthwhile investment.

    Ceramic Tiles

    Looking specifically at bathroom tiling, ceramic tiles provide precisely the same purpose as porcelain however, being less finely ground makes them less hard-wearing with low water resistance.
    You need not worry about it because, with a perfect seal that our expert installers will provide you with, ceramic tiles can become one of the most durable and luxurious options with a relatively lower price point.

    Marble Tiles

    Marble is another name of luxury. Subtle, beautiful, and perfect for adding texture to your bathroom design. It can easily fit in with both traditional and modern décor schemes.
    It may be a costly option than other bathroom tilings, but its timelessness makes it worth the investment.

    Limestone tiles

    Limestone tiles go well with the bathrooms that have more of a natural-toned design. It is available in subtle shades of brown, grey, and beige, making it a versatile type of bathroom tiling to experiment around with.
    These tiles need to be sealed exceptionally well to stop them from pouring. Our experts have the vast experience and knowledge to fix these tiles to perfection so that the customer does not have to go through any hassle in the future.

    Vinyl Tiles

    From being the most cost-effective option, vinyl tiles offer low maintenance, can cope with a lot of wear and tear and are highly practical. In recent years, vinyl tiles have significantly improved in their construct and have emerged as a top seller.
    For a restricted budget, vinyl tiles can be a great option.

    Pebble tiles

    A natural-looking bathroom is what makes the showers relaxing, and pebble tiles are made just for that. They can be the perfect addition to your coastal or holiday-themed texture. If maintained and cleaned regularly, pebble tiles appear unique and highly decorative.
    Our experts will work their way to perfection to fixing the pebble tiles with grout and ensuring that nothing is out of the place or sticking out.

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