Kitchen trends 2022

Kitchen trends of 2022

It’s no surprise that one of the most important rooms in the house is the kitchen. It is where a lot of events in life take place, from morning meals to fun family gatherings, meetings with friends and solving important family issues in the evening. The kitchen is the center of all family life. Functional design, comfort, modern appearance – is the main priorities of the design of fashionable kitchen interior 2022…

Even in the smallest kitchen you can arrange a cozy space in all sorts of parameters. The main thing in this process is a properly selected kitchen set. For example, the kitchen in white and yellow colors will look great in the house of cheerful, sunny person, the kitchen in pastel colors will emphasize the soft and gentle nature of its owner, the gray kitchen is ideal for a bold, creative mind.

When creating an interior for the whole kitchen, it is worth remembering that everything in it should fit your preferences and tastes. It is best to arrange the kitchen with a small area so that the appliances are built-in. So you can maximally solve the problem with the lack of space. Properly selected garniture, which uses all spaces, will help to make the kitchen more spacious, comfortable, cozy.

Do not forget about the lighting, you should put the lighting in the most necessary places where you work and work the most, for example, above the stove, the sink, the cutting table top. To ensure that your choice does not disappoint you in the near future, it is worth to answer for yourself all the fundamental questions and, of course, take into account those factors that will influence your decision.

When planning the design of the kitchen 2022, it is worth taking into account the number of people who will be using it. It is worth considering how many people and how often they eat in the kitchen. Choosing a color scheme, you need to consider the lighting of the kitchen, its size, as well as your personal preferences. For example, a narrow kitchen with poor lighting should be decorated in lighter colors, the wall color of a spacious and well-lit kitchen can be chosen darker.

Every housewife seeks to make the kitchen space as functional as possible. If the area of the room is too small, and the space is mercilessly “devoured” by bulky furniture, in this case, built-in furniture can be a lifeline.

What is needed to visually increase the space

First, properly place all elements of kitchen furniture along the contour of the entire room. When installing hanging cabinets and all sorts of nightstands before everything is screwed down firmly, check the opening sides of all doors, make sure they will not interfere with each other.

Secondly, pay attention to the question of the location of the refrigerator and washing machine, so that later you will not have to open them out of hand, as if from a corner. Convenience in handling appliances is a direct indicator of the ergonomics of the space.

The design of the entire kitchen ensemble depends on how the dishwasher and cooktop are placed in this space. All the cabinets and shelves should cooperate and complement each other, be as functional as possible. It is in their depths from prying eyes will be hidden all the kitchen utensils.

The sink in this kitchen set is multifunctional. In the space under it you can place a trash can or hide unnecessary things. In the kitchen of the modern hostess there is a mass of useful household appliances of different sizes and volumes. To hide this technical progress and to organize the space you can use all the same cabinets and pencil cases.

Infrequently used items of kitchen equipment not only spoil the overall picture of the kitchen, but also accumulate dust, so it is better to hide them in the cabinet, where they will be no less comfortable.

The modular type of furniture will be an organizer of order in your kitchen. With a carefully thought-out interior design of the kitchen 2022, you can easily place a dining table and a few stools, where four people can have a dinner.

Furnishing the kitchen with a cushioned corner in 2022 will not be appropriate. This will reduce the free space that is always in short supply in the kitchen. Moreover, it will disrupt the overall picture and smudge the style line.

Another technique in decorating a small kitchen in light pastel shades with tiles. By dividing the kitchen design with one more, but brighter color, you will make the space stylish and easy to perceive. Lightness will be given to the kitchen by modular cabinets of the upper level of the kitchen set, executed in a glass version.

A counter in the kitchen – a luxury or a necessity

Whether your kitchen is big or small, there is an important pattern – there are always so many appliances (food processor, microwave, mixer, juicer) and other small items that most often there is no place to put them.

Kitchen space can easily be increased by getting rid of the dining table, replacing it with a bar counter. Literally immediately you will find room for new cabinets, shelves and appliances. This issue will be solved in the blink of an eye if you install this piece of furniture. Thanks to it, dinner with your loved one will be transformed into a romantic date, reminiscent of a cafe. And when guests arrive, you won’t have to set a cumbersome table at a far distance from the kitchen.

Material options for your bench top

If you are a true lover of style, you will appreciate the stunning look of chic stone on a polished countertop. Although there are negative features of such a capricious material – it quickly absorbs moisture. But if you will be extremely attentive and especially diligent, you will always have time to wipe up the stain from spilled wine, tea or coffee in time.

Plates of the more delicate onyx stone look extraordinary on the bar counter. Moreover, if you lay the original lighting inside the bar counter, the stone will take on an exquisite character.

Almost everyone knows the problem of unused space in the kitchen between the ceiling and hanging shelves, cabinets. Usually it becomes a place for collecting dust, nothing more. Of course, you can still store various packages from household appliances or unloved service sets there. But one thing is certain – the space is used non-functionally, the order is brought there only during the general cleaning of the room.

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