How to get rid of grass between paving tiles

How to get rid of grass between paving tiles

Grass growth between paving tiles not only spoils the appearance, but also causes a lot of trouble. Growth of grass over time lifts and shifts the tiles, which over time leads to cracks and tile failure. But no matter how carefully you prepare the soil surface for tile laying over time, weed seeds will still germinate in the cracks between the tiles.

We will tell you how to get rid of weeds between the paving tiles, with the help of simple means that are in every home.

There are many ways to get rid of grass between paving tiles. Most often the grass is simply pulled out, but this has only a short-term effect. Despite the small size of the grasses, their roots are very well held in the ground, and after a while they sprout again.

Watering the joints of tiles with boiling water, burning with fire, pouring strong water pressure also give a short-term effect.

Home made weed killer

But there is an excellent folk method of getting rid of grass between the paving tiles, which gives a more lasting effect. You will need 70% vinegar and salt!

  1. To make a weed killer, dilute a bottle of acetic acid or vinegar in a bucket of water in a 1:3 ratio
  2. Add one tablespoon of salt and 8-10 drops of any dish detergent. The detergent will help the solution adhere better to the leaves.
  3. Mix everything well and apply the solution to water the weed. You can use a watering or spray.
  4. To get the best result apply this treatment in the evening so that the strong smell of vinegar will be gone by morning. If necessary, use protective goggles, gloves and a respirator, as the smell will be quite pungent.
  5. After 24 hours, you can observe the result. The grass has become dry and easy to remove, not even leaving any roots. As you can see, salt and vinegar work just as well as any weed killer.

This weed killer should be carried out very carefully, as it destroys all the plants together with the roots. And if there are cultivated plants nearby, they need to be covered with protective material. This method of combating unwanted weed is one of the fastest and most effective, and the result is more long-term.
Use this method, and you will see how easily and quickly you can get rid of weeds between tile joints.

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