Bathroom Renovations

We are dedicated bathroom renovations professional Melbourne based team to tailored to your needs. A bathroom renovation can be a tricky process where there are many variables involved. But our team has been trained to deal with every element of the renovation process. Whether it be something as little as installing a thermostat shower valve to a full top to bottom bathroom renovation, our team of experts will make sure that, through their services, you get the bathroom experience you deserve.

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    What bathroom renovations services do we offer?

    We offer all the services that comprise a bathroom renovation process. Based on your preference or needs, you can choose any of the services and be sure that your task will be handled professionally.

    1. Bathroom Fixtures removal or demolition:

    This can involve safely removing your bathroom accessories like cabinets, mirrors or vanities. A complete bathroom renovation can also involve demolishing tiles, sinks and other ceramic materials. Once the old fixtures have been demolished, we dispose of any debris created during the process.

    2. Bathroom Design

    The entire look of your renovated bathroom depends on how it’s been designed. So, we take special care to meet our clients conditions that fit they needs and preferences with Bathroom design service.

    3. Installation of Bathroom Fixtures:

    You might or might not have ideas about the kind of fixtures (cabinets, vanities etc.) that you want to get installed. It’s fine either way! Our team will work with any ideas that you have. And if not, we will introduce you to some best options available in the market, so you can make an informed decision.

    4. Bathroom Painting:

    Colours give the bathroom their complete look. Since the bathroom is the wettest place of the house, we make sure that we do a coating that sticks to the wall even in humid conditions.

    5. Bathroom Plumbing:

    Good plumbing is essential for long term durability of your bathroom. So, we go the extra mile to make sure that plumbing is done the right way.

    6. Bathroom Floor and Wall Tiling:

    Tiles are probably the most used component in a bathroom and they are the first thing one notices when entering a bathroom. So, keeping them upgraded is a top priority of most people and we make sure that our clients meet their priorities efficiently.

    Why choose us?

    We are fully aware that the renovation market is teeming with other competitors. When we started our service, we made sure that we provided services that stood out from other players in the market. Here are some things that truly make us stand out.

    Professional Staff:

    When it comes to the professionals working in our team, they have been trained to be on top of their game. With regards to efficiency, work ethic and discipline, we follow a zero-tolerance policy. Working on such high standards, they have been tailored to do their job in the most methodically precise manner. Our team members are not only supportive of each other but also are trained to working with clients. So, they are collaboratively able to meet the goal that you have in your mind.

    Catering to YOUR needs:

    • There's a million and one way that bathrooms can be renovated. But there is no point in following any one of them if it weren’t to satisfy your needs. Upon your contact, our team of professionals reach out to you to discuss the ideal that you have in mind with the possible preferences or constraints that you might have. This makes sure that we are on track with our customers, and only perform tasks that cater to our customers' needs.
    • We are fully aware of the fact that different people have different constraints that they need to consider. Whether it be the constraint of space or any other for that matter, our team of professionals are trained to work keeping in mind the limitations. So, that you can have the best result possible under your circumstances.
    • Moreover, before planning out the plan at hand, our team asks you for your ideas about your bathroom renovation. If you have planned for any overall theme, or have ideas about any colours scheme that you might want to follow, we make sure the entire process from start to end is tailored to your needs.

    Timely Service:

    Our team of professionals provide you with quality services in a timely fashion. Our workers work efficiently, utilizing every second they have at their disposal to provide quality services. This is to make sure that any time considerations that you have are met while making no compromises on the quality of our work.

    Competitive Pricing:

    We are distinguished from our other competitors by not only the quality of our work but also the pricing that we have to offer. This is to make sure that even if our customers are on a budget, they get the quality service they deserve.

    We Relish in YOUR Satisfaction:

    Our motto has always been to satisfy our customers. With that goal in mind, we’ve structured our process so that we meet your needs. From the first step to the last, we make sure that our customers are being listened to. If you have any ideas or special instruction about the project, want to discuss any point of concern or just need any queries regarding your bathroom renovation project, we make sure that our customers’ concerns are dealt with.

    Working on Budgets:

    Not everybody is able to afford the luxury of large bathrooms with heated floors, double vanity basins, walk-in showers and all that stuff. Most people have budget constraints that they need to consider while renovating bathrooms. We have experts that are able to work under tight budgets, to make sure that you get the experience that you are looking for. If there’s limited space, we make sure we install your bathroom fixtures at the right spots, so it does not look cluttery, while still retaining all the necessary fixtures that you need to have a comfortable experience.