Balcony water leaks can be a lot of trouble. If you are not bothered by cracked and old tiles on the balcony, the water that will penetrate through the tiles and get on your downstairs neighbor is very disturbing.
So when tiling your balcony, it’s important to take care to protect it from the damaging effects of water. If you are not planning on completely replacing the tile flooring then a special waterproof product will be able to solve the problem.

How Waterproofing Coating for Balcony Leaks Works

Waterproof coating has a clear waterproofing effect. The material with a specific composition, it improves the appearance of the tile coating and improves its performance.

Impregnation performs decorative and practical functions. It increases the strength properties of balcony paving tiles, changes their shade, gives an unusual effect. It protects the surface of the laid material from high humidity, temperature fluctuations, ultraviolet light, salts and acids.

It is recommended to cover the tiles with a transparent waterproofing coating immediately after installation. It has a deep penetration into the porous structure of the material laid. After treatment, a high-strength film remains on the surface.

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