Leaking Shower Repairs

The walls and floor in the bathroom, shower, laundry room and toilet are finished with ceramic tiles. However, over time, the joints between the tiles are erased, clogged with dirt, and in the bathroom in constant contact with water can even be covered with mold stains. In the end, the whole kind of finish wears out and can lead to leaking water. To protect the shower and bathroom, it is necessary to make timely repairs for tile joints with a special water proofing material.

Waterproofing materials for sealing showers

Waterproof sealants are all kinds of polymer mixtures with a variety of additives that give them additional positive characteristics. The main qualities of sealants and the areas where you can apply them depend on the main material in the composition. It is important to remember that some sealants should not be used in Bathrooms and Showers. Bathroom and showers are rooms, in the process of making communications and finishing bathroom tile, a large number of seams, joints, holes, adjacencies. Because of the high humidity must take care that all these places were waterproofed very carefully.

Leaking Shower Solution

To create a coating on the intertile joints in the shower, resistant to water and cleaning agents, the emergence of stains, dirt and fungal growth, it is necessary to make an additional impregnation of ceramic tiles with a special composition with water-repellent properties.

Impregnation for ceramic tiles has the following properties:

  • provides a waterproof coating
  • prevents contamination of tile surface
  • protects against fungi and mould
  • extends the service life of ceramic tiles
  • gives ceramic tiles a refreshing glossy effect

Clear Waterproofing treatment is made with special brushes and rollers. The material must penetrate the grout, so a second coat will need to be applied to repair leaking shower.