Floor screeding

Screeding is a process which gives us at the end perfectly straight floor (living rooms screed, shower floor screed, bathroom floor screed, dining rooms screed, entire floor in the new built etc.) Screeding also can be used to make a falls for the water to run in right direction and avoid flood in wet room (balconies or shower bases). Screed is a mix with right proportion of send and cement with some additives (planicrete sp) which gives to screed some flexibility.

During this process one can use special shape steel blades which are shaped so nicely (that you don't need to use grinder or abrasive tiles to make them smooth).

Screeding is an important process, but if it is done wrong it can create ruts and screeding doesn't help even if it doesn't create ruts (it only screeds straight). If the floor is screeded badly it can become uneven (hollow spots) and that's why tile and stone job is highly recommended to be done only by professional tiler. More like stones, you can use more concrete to make the floor even and to make tile (slabs, tiles, cementation etc.) more beautiful.

We provide professional screeding service in Melbourne for both interior and exterior jobs. If you need floor screed today, we can help you. Just give us a call or submit the form.