Applying a waterproof clear membrane on the balcony tiles in Highett

Waterproof clear membrane on the balcony

Balcony tiles have one significant disadvantage – under the influence of moisture its structure slowly erodes. This material has micropores in the surface, the number and diameter of which depends on the manufacturing process. Through these pores moisture gets inside the coating, so over time, the tile dampens.

As a result, the tile loses its performance properties and attractive appearance. Traces of cinders form on its surface, which are extremely difficult to remove.

Currently, a large number of waterproof additives are available on Australian market. They are based on water-repellent chemical compounds, vegetable or mineral oils, which form a waterproof film on the surface of the finished product and increase its waterproofing properties in calm conditions. The effect of water repellents is as follows: they form a clear film on the surface, and the atmospheric moisture falling on it is divided into small drops enclosed in a kind of fatty shell, through which they either “roll away” from the surface, or evaporate.

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