Bathroom renovation Elwood

A few years ago, Venetian flooring with flecks of marble burst into trends. Despite the fact that it has now become quite common in interiors, its popularity has still not run out. The Italians originally used this technology to create seamless floors, but today the scope of terrazzo tiles in interiors is much wider. In this renovation we used tiles for the walls, which gave the bathroom a sophisticated and deep look.

Bathroom renovation Elwood

Mosaics always look good in small spaces, as they maintain a balance of proportions. With these tiles it’s easy to accentuate a wall or emphasise several areas of the bathroom.

It can be used on all walls, but this is a risky technique, as an active, colourful design and an abundance of bright colours can make the room appear smaller.

When choosing a palette for a bathroom renovation in Elwood, in which two styles of tiles have been used, you can focus on the colours present, which are usually 3-4 active shades against a neutral background. Decor elements and small details like faucets, furniture fittings are selected under the same colour scheme.

In the bathroom we can see two approaches to using terrazzo: tiles with coloured inclusions as an accent, and a light grey-green version as a neutral background.

All the other elements were installed to give the bathroom a cosy atmosphere and ergonomics.