Bathroom waterproofing

All bathroom renovation works should be completed with waterproofing because it’s the foundation of every bathroom renovation project. Why?

The lifespan of water resistant tiles is usually two decades, so they require frequent re-grading to deal with wear and tear and any necessary repairs. Waterproofing not only protects your investment, it helps you to know for certain what’s underneath each piece of tile when it’s wet.

Bathroom waterproofing process

Waterproofing includes a set of works that begin with the floor preparation. Before to start it is necessary to select a final coating and decide on the material for waterproofing.

The most common waterproofing looks like a paste or liquid solution and is applied to surfaces with a brush or trowel. The coating waterproofing forms a protective layer on the floor. Elasticity prevents tearing due to mechanical damage or due to changes in the geometry of the building.

The material allows you to get a seamless base, which does not let the water and prevents the growth of fungal microflora under the screed.

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