Carnegie Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is one of the most frequently visited places in the home. It’s where people cook and eat, sit with friends, and hold meetings. It is important that the kitchen is functional. It is necessary to perform household tasks. Our professional kitchen tilers strictly meet deadlines and use quality materials.

Kitchen Renovation Carnegie

Over the years, owners may have noticed some inconveniences in the layout of some parts of the kitchen – the sink in the corner is awkward to use, the hob is too close to the refrigerator, the top row of drawers is mounted too high, etc. The problem can be solved by replacing kitchen cabinets and installing them in new places.

If you dared to do the kitchen renovation, the first thing to start with is to think about the layout and design. Our designers will provide all the necessary plans and agree on changes in the local council. After planning the appearance it is worth thinking about building materials.

Next, we begin dismantling the old kitchen, removing furniture, cleaning walls, ceilings, and removing flooring.
When the kitchen is cleared, we begin to plan the location of electrical wires and water pipes. Next begins the main repair work alignment of the walls, ceiling and floor.
Next is laying tile, installing kitchen cabinets, cooking stove cabinets, dishwasher and refrigerator.

Frankly, the repair in the kitchen is one of the most difficult repairs and we are ready to provide our services.