Commercial Bathroom Renovations

LexaTiling provides comprehensive renovation of commercial bathrooms and showers.

Commercial bathrooms and showers, offices, stores and industrial premises, various commercial premises require renovation every 4-5 years. In some cases, a cosmetic finish is sufficient. The frequency of repair is determined by operating conditions, the condition of the cladding, and the class of the building.
In the renovation of commercial facilities such as bathrooms and showers are complex design work. Choosing a reliable contractor is a top priority for the facility owner.

Preparing for Renovation

To spend money wisely, it pays to think carefully about the upcoming redevelopment or renovation.

When renovating commercial bathrooms, we interact with the client according to the following steps:

The inspection of the object by an engineer is carried out. The specialist evaluates the condition of the premises, determines the amount of work, the need to build partitions and updating of engineering networks.

Based on the results of the assessment of the object and the wishes of the client a design project is created. It should reflect all the points in the plan of the upcoming repair. The design project prescribe the names of finishing materials, furniture, tiles, lighting, construction equipment, the scheme of laying the engineering systems, a breakdown of the axes, the interior style.

Estimates are made in accordance with the drafts of the design project.
The preparatory stage of repair is followed directly by the procedure of finishing the premises, installation of partitions, replacement of interior elements and other work.


To competently zone the space, it is necessary to think about the location of partitions. You can make blank walls or erect semi-open structures. If necessary, existing walls are destroyed.

Plumbing work

In accordance with all the rules and regulations, builders install pipes and plumbing. At facilities related to the catering sector, special attention is paid to

Alignment of floors and walls

The walls and ceiling are finished with putty. It is also possible to use ceramic tiles. The floor is covered with a concrete floor screeding, which serves as a universal preparation for any coating.

Remodelling commercial bathrooms and showers

Often in the process of repairing facilities, there is a need to perform commercial tiling work of the premises. In these cases, you need to install new partitions, erect walls laying communications. The specialists of our tiling company will carry out the project and coordinate it with the supervisory authorities.

Commercial premises must be functional and attractive. When choosing finishing materials, it is important to consider their durability, resistance to possible changes in the microclimate of the premises.

Our advantages

By contacting LexaTiling you can entrust all stages of repair of commercial premises to a team of professionals.

  • Tight deadlines.
  • We provide the object strictly according to pre-approved work plans.
  • The standard term of commercial property repair is 1-3 months. Work time depends on the area of the object and the tasks set.
  • The warranty for our services is 5 years, as we are confident in the quality of materials purchased and the professionalism of our staff.

We carry out the full range of work, from the development of design project, and ending with the arrangement of engineering networks.
Any commercial bathroom tiling is a complex process. Especially a lot of time is spent on the restoration of commercial premises that are in poor condition. In the complex of works in this case includes not only finishing, but also the replacement of old communications, windows and doors, electricity. A comprehensive repair allows you to create maximum comfort.