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Generally, when guests come to your house, the hall is the first thing they see, and we all know how important and long-lasting first impressions can be. That is why it is a smart idea to keep your hallway looking stylish and clean. Hallways must also be usable, and your hall has a lot to offer as a frequently used thoroughfare and receptacle for muddy boots, wet umbrellas, pets, and kids.

This is where it comes to tiles. For use in hallways, tiles are a functional and attractive choice and can look beautiful in a variety of styles and materials, from porcelain to ceramic to natural stone. Tiles offer durability along with easy-clean features, as hard-wearing as they are attractive. They are never bothered by Water, dirt, or a bit of rough treatment.

There are several ways to redesign a house, paint walls, install drapes and shades, buy new furniture, or purchase new floors. Installing floor tiles in your hallway is one efficient way of adding some aesthetics to your house. You can not only show the aesthetics of your home with the right floor tiles, but you can also make the corridor and surrounding spaces look larger.

Floor tiles can also create a comfortable and friendly entrance hall for your home that will certainly impress your visitors with the first experience they will not soon forget. Since hallways usually have a lot of foot traffic, it is important to choose tiles that are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also durable. When choosing floor tiles for your hall, there are a couple of things to remember.

Choosing the right tiles for your hall

The kinds of tiles you decide are very dependent on your requirements for style and maintenance. To secure them, beautiful yet porous items such as natural stone flooring would have to be regularly resealed, so you will need to be able to perform simple maintenance. Ceramic tiles are an excellent choice for a quick washing, and vitrified models, such as the Odyssey series, have been fired to extract water at very high temperatures. This implies that these ceramic tiles are all but impervious to water (if necessary, they can also be placed outside). Porcelain tiles are also an extremely functional and cost-effective hall flooring solution, but be sure to ensure that when wet, your chosen design will not become slippery.

Types of Tiles

The first thing to consider is the floor tile style that should be used for your corridor. Ascertain porous floor tiles, such as natural stone and marble, will need extra care than traditional ceramic flooring tiles, you might want to consider preserving the tile.

Ceramic tiles are the most common choice of tiles used in homes, as not only are they easy to clean, but there are almost limitless design options that can fit the aesthetics of any house. And ceramic tiles are a cost-effective alternative for your hall flooring as compared with natural stone and marble.

Tiles Pattern and Design

The next decision after selecting the type of floor tile for your hall is the type of colours and designs of the tile to be used? The choice is essentially your own, whether you use bright colours with fancy designs or simple comfortable neutral colours for your hall tiles.

The choice to use colourful or patterned tiles in your hall is very much down to personal preference compared to simple neutrals, but a hall might be the ideal place to use bold designs if you feel adventurous. Since hall do not need to be places where you spend a lot of time, you can choose to use brighter or flashier flooring designs than you would choose otherwise. Try to find a happy medium between pattern and colour, and why not pick a striking design in a neutral shade if you’re new to using graphical tiles? To keep the emphasis on the floor, balance the bold tiles with neutral walls.

With beautiful textured items such as tumbled marble, granite, slate, and porcelain adding a richness of a different nature, neutral tiled flooring does not have to be bland. Natural stone tiles feature color variations that naturally occur that add appeal and depth.

However, if you find yourself struggling with a large range of options and you reside in Melbourne, there is always support available. Professional tilers will certainly help narrow down the options.
Our tiling contractors can help you choose the right style of tiles for your hall flooring, and can give you a genuine opinion on the type of tile pattern and colour that would better fit the interior design theme of your household.

Why choose us?

Make the best first appearance and, with the kaza tiling, welcome your visitors. Ceramic tile provides slip-resistant choices so that you can select the right tile for your entrance, a beautiful and durable intelligent choice to take everything you can track inside to beat. The versatile forms, colours, and styles of ceramic tiles allow you to build just the right place to put your best foot forward, whether you make a grand gesture or a small statured-sized welcome.

Our dedicated band of interior tilers have three aims: to bring fresh and innovative titles to the Melbourne market, to deliver high-end design at reasonable prices, and to share with our customers our enthusiasm for tiles.
Don’t hesitate to contact Lexa tiling for details about the things you need to consider when selecting floor tiles for your hall.

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