Kitchen tiling Prahran

We were all victims of the mess in the kitchen. A fizzing kettle, a pan that splatters, a dropped dish, makes it easier to clean up with tile that protects your kitchen surfaces in all these cases. Whether on the backsplash, the walls, the floors, or all three, how quickly it wipes clean is one of the best properties of tile. Tile is flexible enough to always find one that can be coordinated or contrasted with your drawers, cabinets, and current decor.

You need to create a balance between the subtle décor and vivid features when selecting kitchen tiles. It is also tragic to neglect the kitchen floor. Kitchen floors must withstand heavy traffic, spills from cold water to hot oil, etc., because Therefore, when you redesign your kitchen, make sustainability your focus. Bring life to kitchen floors and walls by infusing bright colours such as white! Compare them to bold-colour accessories such as bright-coloured furniture. Install tiles with a slightly white texture with dark-coloured tiles if minimalism seduces you.

Kitchen styling trend

Trending in tiles is also what’s trending in architecture. We see many different dramatic and bright colors in 2020, such as navy blue, green and black, brick looks, patterned or encaustic tiles, and mixed metallics. Classic subway tiles are still popular, but in addition to white, colors are starting to produce appearances, making them look fresh and exciting. Patterned tiles, especially if they are used to cover an entire wall up to the ceiling, give your room the look and feel of wallpaper in a material that is simple to care for. Glass splashbacks are common in Europe and have started to make their mark in the United States, which are large pieces of tempered glass that typically have a pattern or print. Use these eye-catching items to make a statement behind a sink or over a stovetop.


Subway tiles, popular but always classic, are a perfect choice for any kitchen. Keep the look in a bright hue, a special pattern, or with a matching grout hue new and original. The selection of patterns in which it can be mounted is one of the great things about subway tiling. In an unexpected pattern, a neutral color mounted makes a major comment.


On the backsplash, mosaics are mostly used because they consist of small-scale tiles, perfect in this room, but do not be afraid to create an entire accent wall. To add vibrant colours, shine, and form to your kitchen, use glass, marble, ceramic, porcelain, and mosaics made with other materials.


Not only are backsplashes practical, shielding your walls from splashes and spills, but they are also trendy. Think of your backsplash as your kitchen jewellery, the little bit of spark the finishes a look. With your backsplash, have fun and get creative as you cover the area around your sink, range, and countertops. Glass, textured tile, metallic tile, sculptures, there is a backsplash tile to represent your distinctive style in a wide range of options.

Choosing the right tile for your kitchen floor

A kitchen is a room in the house where you can experiment with the design of tiles. Before you start thinking about interior design concepts, it is important to lay the foundation for kitchen wall tiles. In various applications, this room may have many different types of tiles and they will all improve your kitchen in Prahran.
You must remember where it is going to go in your design style and its usefulness when selecting a tile. For your floors, glossy tiles that work well on a wall cannot be suitable. This is where a balance between its function and its aesthetic must be found.

Here are a few tips while considering buying tiles for your kitchen

  • Tiles can be placed behind the stove area as a backsplash, or on the wall to the underside of the upper cabinets, to determine where the tile will be installed. In the kitchen, tile is a common flooring and countertop material.
  • For kitchens, this includes the difference between tiles-quarry, vinyl, bamboo, porcelain, glass, and ceramic. For flooring, vinyl, bamboo, and ceramic tiles are commonly used. Ceramic and porcelain are used for counters and floors in the quarry. Glass tile is reserved for backsplashes and walls.
  • Kitchen tiles can be costly, such as custom-made ceramic tiles, or cheap, such as vinyl tiles. Decide your budget. Tile and home improvement stores will help you measure the quantity of product you need and have the best material you need.

Depending on the type, size, and style, the cost of tiles varies considerably. Tiles are not costly flooring materials, but when you add the installation cost, the cost will increase. Achieving the designs for tile flooring is labor-intensive and requires a suitable subfloor and cement board to be pre-installed.

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