Kitchen tiling South Yarra

Kitchen island bench and mosaic tiles South Yarra

The key elements of a kitchen are kitchen tiles. You do not want to make an error when choosing new kitchen tiles, from the sink to the kitchen island, from floor tiles to wall tiles. You must pick kitchen tiles wisely for either a tiny make-up or a major upgrade in your kitchen. A big kitchen, kitchenette, or a galley can be your cooking area, it does not matter.
A tile floor is always a great choice for your kitchen floor, whether you have a large kitchen that is the entertaining center of the home or a tiny room only big enough for you. It is important to have something that is both easy to clean and reliable in a room that is used almost every day. Tile will easily accomplish almost the style you have dreamed of while maintaining these easy-care features, from modern to traditional.

Tiling design

Selecting materials

You cannot go wrong in the space where your guests will meet (and their spills and messes will, too), using tile. Once properly installed, ceramic, porcelain, glass, and stone tiles all clean up easily and give a timeless style to your kitchen. Plus, to make this famous entertaining area even cozier, your floor tiles can be heated. We cannot help cooking, so we will make sure washing up is easier than ever with a beautifully tiled Kitchen tiling South Yarra.

Tiling colours

You can dress up in almost as many colours as paint in your tiled kitchen … except that you can incorporate texture, shine, patterns, and sparkle! Tiles will ensure that the colour you chose for your kitchen lasts for years, whether you want a bright, white kitchen or a vibrant, bold one. You never need to worry that you will not find anything to match your kitchen cabinets and counters with the range of finishes and colours available at The Tile Store. If you are not sure what is going to fit, look for pictures that imitate the look you want in our Customer Room Gallery, or stop by and ask one of our experts.

Benefits of installing tiles on the kitchen floor Germs resist

When you deliver ceramic kitchen tile flooring, you do not have to think about the spread of germs. The ceramic’s hard surface is nearly impenetrable, which means it will not harbour germs.


Ceramic is both crack-resistant and moisture-resistant, making it a lasting addition to any kitchen or bathroom design. A glossed surface features a ceramic kitchen tile that offers an extra layer of protection against falls and scratches.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintaining glazed or sealed ceramic tiles properly does not take much time. Normal mopping with a standard floor cleaner can vacuum up any food waste, germs, and dirt lying on the surface of the tile.

Different varieties of style

One of the best advantages of installing tiles is the wide variety of available colours, sizes, and types. With so many different choices, one that best speaks to your design style is easy to find. Keep it traditional, like ceramic tiles built to look like hardwood floors, or opt for something more modern.

Consider colour, design, texture, and the design in which the tiles will be mounted when choosing a tile for your kitchen in South Yarra. Accent tiles can be used at the base of the stove to create decorative elements or create a border around the room, giving a modern twist to the kitchen. A large-scale tile represents a great choice for large kitchens. A jazzy tiny tile will make a significant impact in a smaller galley kitchen. Consider picking a neutral tile that makes it easy to refresh wall paint, cabinet finish, and countertops over time.

Tiling Services

At heart, interior designers specialize in spotting design trends before others and we are proud of the design services that our customers can offer. Whether it’s talking about the advantages of porcelain or rectified tiles, proposing ranges of tiles and layouts that could fit in your project, or proposing the right grout and adhesives, we do it all … and, of course, always with our interior designer hats on!

We have an established history of market leadership with over a century of experience. Our committed in-house design team continues to produce distinctive new products targeting foreign markets across the contract and retail industries, located in our manufacturing facilities in the ceramic heartland of the Potteries. Within the contract industry, all facets of public and private requirements, from architects and designers to housebuilders, contractors, and distributors, cover our expertise, service, and product range.

Our kitchen tilers can help you choose the right style of tile for flooring at Lexa Tiling, and can give you a genuine opinion on the type of tile pattern and colour that would better fit the interior design theme of your household.