Repair of leaking shower tiles

Repairing the shower is a very responsible decision because it requires an investment of time and money. There is always an intermediate option of repair, if you are not ready for a full-scale renovation of the bathroom.

Dismantling old tiles is not always possible without losses. If the tiles in the shower no longer perform water repellent function and you are tired of a dull floor with cracks, then there is an option to upgrade the tiles with a quality water repellent material that covers the tiles on top.

Waterproofing material is a compound that penetrates into the micro cracks of ceramic tiles and forms a protective water-repellent transparent layer. It is a universal material that withstands moisture, temperature fluctuations, protects the tile surface from mechanical damage and mold. The technology for applying water proofing material is similar to the application of paint compositions. After drying, the tile surface acquires a glossy effect and the entire bathroom is transformed.

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