How to choose the right tiles for the bathroom

How to choose the right tiles for the bathroom

The starting point: choose the tiles you want to use as your starting point.
Usually, the bathroom renovation should begin with the selection of the main tile, which will be a key element of design. You can choose on the unique pattern of the accent wall (black and white geometry, nautical style, oriental style, graffiti, mirror). Or you can bet on the timeless classic – white bohemian.

In any case, first choose the tile that you like the most and turn it into a reference point. And then pick up the other types of tiles.

Don’t overload the design: use no more than three types of tiles

If your starting point is a tile with a unique colour or interesting shape, then the other types should have a less elaborate design and simple colour. But if you chose a simple white “boar” tile as your main tile, then you should add colourful elements to the design, and play with the size.

Usually choose three types of tiles: for the floor, for the wall and accent tiles. The latter serves as the main point of attraction to the eye. Using more types of tiles can overload the design and give away the owner’s lack of taste.

Focus on one type of tile

There are so many beautiful tiles on the market now, and the bathroom is a great place to express the owners’ individuality. However, you should express yourself with just one thing. Your accent wall or area can be large or small – there are no strict rules. A fairly simple general wall design with the addition of an interesting and unique tile as a trim works well. Or you can put something unusual on the floor and do the rest of the space in a neutral style.

Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are by no means a new word in bathroom tiling. It used to be used only in certain places, for example near the sink, to make an accent. But more and more often we see mosaic tiles on the whole wall or on the floor. Of course, this type of tile is not the most budget-friendly solution, but it can create a wow effect! There are a variety of shapes on the market (hexagons, circles, ovals, herringbones, scales, patchwork). Using a mosaic can add personality to your bathroom.

Large tiles

Of course, the choice of size is an individual thing. But large tiles are trending right now. Large tiles make the bathroom more “luxurious,” look great and require less grout for joints. Also, larger tiles visually enlarge the room.

However, you should take into account the size of your bathroom and not forget about the proportions. The size of the tiles should be proportional to the size of your bathroom. Also, the proportion should be respected when using tiles of different sizes. For example, if you put tiles on the floor 300×300 mm, then the tiles for the walls should be a multiple of 300 mm (100, 150, 600, 900 mm).

Playing with tile shapes and magic tricks with space

Square tile looks very fashionable, and no wonder. They are pleasing to the eye and look neat. Large square tiles are great for the floor. And these squares don’t have to be boring. You can experiment with imitation wood or, for example, make a black and white checkerboard in your bathroom.

At the same time, you can use a different shape on the walls. Walls are a great field for creating optical illusions. For example, if you have a low ceiling, then vertically laid rectangular tiles will visually increase the height and make the space more open.

Tile Colour

Colour plays almost a key role when choosing tiles for the bathroom. Bright, light or neutral tones can help to make the room more open and spacious. On the other hand, dark or black tiles will visually reduce the size of the room and give it coziness. In addition, black tiles, in my opinion, create a special dramatic mood, an atmosphere of warmth and sophistication.

Choose colours that suit all the “users” of your bathroom. The color scheme should be chosen based on the preferences and tastes of each family member. If all day you disappear at work and spend in the bathroom very little time, then there is no need to cover it with expensive tiles, to invite superdesigners and give this space a lot of attention. It will be enough to do everything classic (like a cabana, for example). If you have a large family, then you should use simple basic colors that are friendly to your children. If there are no children, you can think about bolder and more stylish options with contrasting colors, imitation wood or glass mosaics.

The colour of the grout for the joints is also important. It can significantly affect the overall impression. Recently, it has become fashionable to make the color of the grout contrast to the color of the tiles (for example, black grout with white tiles). It is claimed that this will further accentuate the interesting shape of the tiles and make the surface more saturated. Personally, I’d be careful, as your eye can get tired of this kind of saturation pretty quickly. The recommendation of most experts is that the color of the grout should match the color of the tiles as much as possible. In addition, the joint itself is advised to be as narrow as possible.

Ceramics and porcelain tiles

Ceramic tile (tile) is the most popular type of tile. Ceramics can be either glazed or unglazed. Glazed differs in that the base is covered with an additional layer or pattern.

Another common type of tile is porcelain tile. Unlike glazed tiles, which have a pattern on top of a separate layer, the color or texture of porcelain tiles goes on its entire thickness. In addition, porcelain tile is a more durable material, but it is more expensive.

Composite materials

Tiles made of composite materials, such as terrazzo, are also very popular. Terrazzo is a mixture of crumbs of natural stone and cement. Such tiles require some extra care to keep their appearance attractive.

Tiles made of artificial stone is similar to terrazzo, as the material is also a mixture of cement and crumbs of natural stone. But in this case, resins and polymers are also added to the mixture. Such tiles are more durable, resistant to stains, scratches, high temperatures and chemicals.


When you go into the bathroom, it is the tiles are the first thing that catches your eye, forms the design and overall impression of the room. You first meet people by their clothes, and the bathroom by its tiles. In addition, the right choice can create a real wow effect, making the bathroom a “highlight” for your house!

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