What is Zellige tiles

What is Zellige tiles

The mention of Moroccan tiles immediately conjures up some kind of vividly patterned fantasy. This is only partly true. Today, a quieter version of Moroccan tiles with the mysterious oriental name of Zellige is being actively developed in interiors. Despite the vintage flavour, the new tile trend looks very relevant in any stylistic modern spaces.

  1. History of Zellige tiles
  2. How is Zellige tile made?
  3. Advantages of Zellige tiles
  4. Where to use Zellige tiles?
  5. Installation of Zellige tiles

History of Zellige tiles

In Arabic” Zellige “means” tile “in a general sense. The name comes from Persian, which means “blue stone”. Zellige read more

top 10 bathroom renovations ideas

Top 10 Bathroom renovations ideas

You spend a considerable amount of time in the bathroom every single day. That’s the main reason on why you should renovate your bathroom and convert that into a perfect place to spend time. Along with your bathroom renovation project, you can also enhance the functionality of the bathroom, while bringing life into it. Let’s take a look at 10 of the most prominent bathroom renovations ideas available for you to consider as of now.

Bathroom trends in 2021

Bathroom trends in 2021

Do you want to renovate your bathroom leading into the new year? As the self-care and wellness movement grows, bathrooms are acquiring top trends in bathroom design. Bathrooms are not only necessary for particular purposes like showering but can also be used in a more personalized way like a spa-like retreat. Industry experts have discovered the top trends in bathroom design for 2021. They have discovered which bathroom trends, whether big or small will be popular in the new year. If you would read more

Bathroom subway tiling Melbourne

How to choose tiles for bathroom

A home is a place where you spend most of your time, and the bathroom is an important part of a house that cannot be neglected. You have to use the bathroom every morning to brush your teeth, showering, and getting ready. So it should be a comfortable and lovable place with an astounding look.

Whether you are going to renovate your home or just your bathroom, tile is an excellent option. Bathroom tiles are specially designed to deal with moisture and temperature fluctuation. The market is full read more