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The essential tiling tools

Have you prepared the area for tiling but do not know what tools you will need to make your tiling project successful? No worries! This post will explain it all!

To make a tiling project easier and faster, it becomes important to use the right tiling tools. If you have prepared the area that needs tiling and you have determined the layout but if you do not know which tiling tools you will need, how you can complete your tiling project successfully?
That's a big question. Tiling is an art. It is a difficult task that is not just about cutting and placing the tiles. Besides proper expertise, it is important that you have the right tools with you so that the tiling task may become easier for you. Plus, choosing the right tiling tools will also decrease the amount of time that is needed to complete a tiling project, no matter your tiling project is small or large.

So, here are some essential tools that may surely help you get your tile job done faster and better. The best thing is the tools mentioned here can be found on any home improvement store at a very reasonable price. Before heading towards a hardware store and spending a lot of money, it is better to go through this list of some basic tiling tools so you can be able to tile like a professional. So, are you ready to discover the basic tiling tools without which you cannot start a tiling job? Let's take a start now!

Following is the list of some must-have tools for tile installation:

1. Tile Wet Saw

Tile wet saw is one of the essential tools and materials that you must use for your tiling project. As the name implies, this tool is used to cut all types of tiles, whether they are ceramic tiles, glass tiles, or tiles made of porcelain or stones. It can cut tiles to the required size or shape, reducing breakage. Hence, it will ultimately save you money in the long run.
The blade of a wet tile saw is used to cut the tile by scratching a straight line on the surface of the tile. There are adjustable fences on the tile saw that facilitate angles or square cuts. When it comes to selecting the right tool, you need to think about your budget. If you invest your money into buying a tile wet saw, believe me, it is worth the money.
Tile cutters come in several forms that may include manual tile snap cutters as well as powered cutters.

Tile Wet Saw

2. Mortar Mixer

Another tiling tool is a mortar mixer that is used to mix the mortar and the grout which are in powder form. It is a long-stemmed tiling tool. A mortar mixer is attached to a motor that whisks the mortar and makes a thick paste of it. In this way, you can apply it to your tiles. Most mortar mixer stirring tools have dual speeds to control the motor.
A mortar mixer is quite easy to use as its ergonomic handle helps in reducing fatigue.
Most people buy ready-made grout and tile adhesive. So, there is no need for them to use a mortar mixer. But buying the ready-made mix becomes a bit expensive especially is the area for tiling is large, especially when you want to install tiles for bathroom and kitchen. So, if budget is a constraint, it is better to buy grout and mortar in powder form and mix it with a mortar mix.

Mortar Mixer

3. Diamond Saw Blades

Another way to cut the tiles is to use a diamond saw blade that has a diamond on its edge to cut the hard materials. It has excellent quality of cutting edges along with nice cutting speed. As diamond is harder than rock, so it is better to use a diamond saw blade. It can cut porcelain tiles very finely.
There are various diamond saw blades out there in the market that you may use for tile cutting. Before choosing the one for your tile project, check out the specifications of diamond blades along with the material that can be cut by them.

Diamond Saw Blades

4. Diamond Drill Bits

Need to drill the hole into the tiles? Saying yes? You need Diamond Drill Bits. It is a great tool that most Melbourne tiler use when they need to insert holes into the tiles for the drainage system. The diamond drill bits come in various diameters. In this way, you can insert holes of different sizes into your tiles without breaking the surface of the tiles, no matter what the material of the tile is.
In short, the Diamond Drill bits are great tiling equipment that makes the whole tile installation process fast as well as smooth!

Diamond Drill Bits

5. Tape Measure

Whether you are tiling a floor, wall, wet room, splashback, etc., a tape measure is a useful tool that is needed for every tile project. A tape measure is used to measure the tile as well as the area where you want to install the tile. It is, indeed, one of the most crucial tools because, without it, measurement of the surface of the tile may go wrong. There will be no way to go back. Therefore, it is important to use a good-quality tape measure so that you can take measurements correctly.

Tape Measure

6. Tile Pincers

The next important tiling tool is the tile pincers or nippers that you can use in your tilting task to create the edges of the tiles or to enlarge tile holes. As tile cutters are used to cut the tiles, similarly, tile pincers or nippers are used to cut the tiles into the desired shape.
Note: Use tile nippers over the tiles very carefully otherwise your tile may break or damage.

Tile Pincers

7. Grout Float

After cutting the tiles into the desired size and shape and installing them on the floor or wall, it is time to apply grout between the installed tiles. And this task can only be done by a grout float. A grout float is another crucial tool used for tiling projects as it is used to force the grout into the spaces between the tiles.
No other tiling tool can do this task which makes the grout float even more important to use.

Grout Float

8. A Rubber Bucket

A rubber bucket is also used at the time of installing the tiles. No matter the mortar is wet or dry, you need a rubber bucket for mixing. A rubber bucket is always recommended over the plastic bucket by the tiling professionals as it is easy to clean.

9. Pointed Trowel

The last yet important tiling tool in our list is a pointed trowel. It is a great tiling tool that is mostly used by tiling professionals to spread the mortar on the tile or on the wall.
For the tiles that have big squares or grooves, it is best to use the pointed trowel for those tiles because they can evenly spread the mortar on the back of the tile.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some essential tools and materials that you can use for tiling. Always remember that a tiling project needs a lot of planning. You do not just need to measure your area and select tiles of suitable size. It is much more than that. Yes, you need to get the right tools for your job. The tiling tools mentioned above can be used for almost any tile project, whether you are laying your tile on the floor or on the wall. These tools will definitely assist you in getting the perfect finish on the tiling task.