Amazing Tile Trends

Amazing Tile Trends

New generation finishing tiles are a fashionable interior element. The beauty, eco-composition and technical perfection of tile coverings allow them to be used in projects of the highest level.

Modern tile coverings have gone far from the modest “tiles” of the past. New technologies make it possible to create plates of unprecedented sizes – up to 3 or more meters in length and only a few mm thick! The surface of the tiles can be velvety and warm to the touch, producing a textile or wood effect. Premium tiles are finished not only in bathrooms and kitchens, but also any living space, including living rooms, bedrooms and even children’s rooms. Stellar designers, architects and leading companies are involved in the development of new tile collections. A wide range of customization options allows for the selection and combination of sizes, elements and colors as desired by the customer.

Frescoes and panels

Fine art is a fashionable attribute of modern interiors just like designer furniture. Large sized slabs of tiles with panoramic landscapes, realistic prints in the spirit of photographic wallpaper and graphics create the atmosphere of an art gallery in the interior, increasing the value of the entire project.

Art Tiles

Tile in the style of wood mosaic emerged under the influence of the art of master cabinetmakers. Tile coatings with marquetry and intarsia imitations are equally good on floors and walls. In both private and public interiors, they give the project a vintage sound.

Artificial Stone Tiles

“Less natural, more artificial!” – is the motto of the trendiest tile collections. Designers moved away from the exact reproduction of analogues of natural materials, focusing on their free interpretation. Tile coverings with a stone effect are no longer disguised as natural samples, but on the contrary, intentionally emphasize their artificial origin and man-made beauty.

Art Palette Tiles

Art Palette Tiles

Arbitrary splashing paint, broad brush strokes, colored blotches and other artistic doodles are a bright trend that came from the turbulent 1980s. Abstract drawings that look like jazz improvisations frozen in color create a sensual vibe in the interior.

Big print Tiles

Big print tiles

The pattern on the tiles, enlarged to an incredible size, bets on the play of scale in the interior. The familiar ornament, as if seen under a huge magnifying glass, creates the illusion of altered reality. Transformation of scale allows you to look at familiar materials and subjects in a new way.

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